Visual Arts

We offer custom visual art pieces done by our eclectic group of fine artists, street artists, and cartoonists. Pick a style and a canvas and we will create a beautiful piece. Whether you want our input or have an idea of your own we can offer you body art, murals, digital and fine art.

Media & Web Design

We create compelling digital media that informs and entertains through an array of subject matters, styles, and mediums. We offer website development, videography, photography, animation, graphic design, and social media offering the latest cutting edge in news about arts and culture.

Artisan Crafts

Our areas of expertise include artisan crafts such as custom-designed jewelry, organic candles & soaps made from essential oils. We also offer skillshare workshops guiding our community Crafted to reflect our environment and culture while providing context and skills to strengthen ourselves personally.

Events Planning

& Marketing

Our team LOVES bringing people together and we’ve done it well for years. We have experience in event planning for film & television premieres, music and entertainment festivals, gallery shows, networking & community events, concerts, and live performances, and private parties.

Urban Renewal

One of our passions is working in the communities we are from. We work in Underserved communities to reverse urban decay. We do this by beautifying and revitalizing dilapidated lots and making them a fun, green community hub.  We talk with great intention to community members and institutions and see where the need is, tailor our concept to that and build it ourselves! We’ve built gardens, community green spaces, skateparks, and a school garden!


We believe education is a right, not a commodity. We practice the motto of “Each One, Teach One” which says we are all students and teachers, and we believe that everyone has something to teach and to learn from one another. 

Social Justice

Social Justice and education is at the root of every project we undertake. We offer a number of Know-Your-Rights training and political education workshops and presentations that focus on real issues the impact our communities such as financial literacy, mass incarceration, immigrant rights, detention and deportation, microaggressions, social media, and international and national social movements.


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